Technological capabilities

“EZTM" JSC has an integrated cycle of production including metallurgical, welding, machining and toolmaking facilities, research and experimental complex.

Foundry facilities

Foundry facilities of "EZTM" JSC include two electric arc furnaces with capacity of 5 and 40 ton where steel of different grades is melted with subsequent treatment at the secondary refining unit "AKVOS" and vacuum treatment. This enables to bring quality of castings and forgings up to world standards and significantly increase equipment service life.

Process equipment allows to manufacture steel castings of different shape with weight from 20 kg up to 75 ton.

Finished product: ring gears, kiln tyres, rollers, girth gears, gear-box casings, plates of apron feeders, hot and cold blast valves for blast furnaces, frames, jaws, breaking plates of jaw crushers etc.

Heat-treatment facilities

Heat treatment equipment installed at "EZTM" JSC allows to perform the following types of heat and chemical-heat treatment:

  • annealing;

  • normalizing;

  • hardening;

  • tempering;

  • cementation;

  • high frequency hardening.

New thermal and heating furnaces "Bosio", Slovenia, have been put into operation at "EZTM" JSC as a part of technical re-equipping program. The furnaces are used for heat treatment and heating followed by forging. There is another furnace with computerized production control system. The furnace is used for cementation of parts with diameter of ≤ 1200 mm, weight of ≤ 1700 kg and height of ≤ 2000 mm.

Press-forging facilities

Press-forging facilities of "EZTM" JSC include presses with tonnage of 500, 800, 1500 and 3000 ton-force and hammers of 1,5 and 2,0 ton.

Reconstruction of a forging plant based on a press 3000 ton-force and a forging manipulator with load capacity of 35 tons makes it possible to increase range of ingots. Forging ingots weight is from 640 kg up to 35 tons. Ingots weight is from 2 kg up to 25 tons.

All forgings are subjected to obligatory primary heat treatment such as annealing or normalizing with tempering.

Metal fabrication shop

Metal fabrication shop of "EZTM" JSC allows to manufacture wide range of constructions from carbon and low alloyed steel with weight of up to 30 tons, dimensions of up to 2500x4000x13 000 mm in accordance with OST 24.940.01-90.

Finished product:

  • frame constructions;

  • plates, platforms;

  • beam constructions, trusses;

  • cylindrical constructions with diameters from 500 mm up to 3000 mm and length of up to 6000 mm.

Cutting-preparation division:

  • Mechanical cutting;

  • gas-oxygen cutting;

  • CNC automatic plasma cutting;

  • Flattening (plate-flattening rolls and presses);

  • Bending (3 - roll rollers, edge-crimping machine, press).

Assembling-welding division:

  • Welding:

- CO2 semiautomatic;

- electroslag welding of constructions with thickness of up to 450 mm and weld seam length of 1500 mm;

- argon nonconsumable electrode arc welding;

- automatic submerged-arc welding of bodies of revolution with diameter of up to 800 mm and length of up to 5000 mm.

  • Heat treatment

  • Shotblast cleaning

  • Padding

Mechanical assembly division

Mechanical assembly division of "EZTM" JSC consists of about 600 units of metal-cutting equipment including single-purpose and unique machines, CNC processing centers and machines.

Engine lathes (including CNC and automatic machines)

Max diameter of machining, mm ……1 500

Workpiece max length, mm…… 4 000

Max diameter of machining, mm ……900

Workpiece max length, mm…… 12 000

Turning and boring lathes

Max diameter of machining, mm … …8 000

Workpiece max height, mm… … 3 100

Workpiece max weight, t … …125

Boring machines

Workpiece max length, mm…… 12 000

Workpiece max height, mm…… 4 000

Workpiece max width, mm……5 600

Workpiece max weight, t……60

Max drilled diameter, mm… …120

Max drilling depth, mm… …5 500

Deep hole boring machines

Bore hole max diameter, mm… …400

Bore hole max depth, mm… …4 000

Milling machines (including CNC mills)

Workpiece max length, mm…… 8 500

Workpiece max height, mm…… 2 500

Workpiece max width, mm…… 2 500

Workpiece max weight, t…… 65

Grinding machine

Max diameter (with/without rests), mm…… 500/2000

Workpiece max length, mm……7 000

Workpiece max weight, t…… 25

(including circular grinding machines, surface grinding machines, internal grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, jig grinding machines, contour grinding machines and spline grinding machines).

Gear production facilities

Gear production facilities of the gear shop allow to manufacture:

  • pinion shafts and cylindrical gears (spur gears, helical cylindrical gears and chevron gears) with module from 1mm up to 50 mm and diameter of up to 8 000 mm;

  • spiral bevel gears with module up to 22 mm and ring diameter of up to 1500 mm;

  • straight bevel gears with module up to 6 mm and diameter of up to 400 mm;

  • cylindrical worm gears with module up to 25 mm and diameter of up to 320 mm;

  • globoid gears with center distance from 120 mm up to 500 mm etc;

  • involute spline joints with module up to 10 mm and diameter up to 700 mm;

  • crowned tooth gear couplings with module up to 14 mm and diameter up to  1200 mm.

  • tooth gears and worm gears are made of alloy steel such as 38XA, 35XM, 20XHЗА etc.

  • grinding equipment allows to manufacture gear pairs with 6-7 accuracy degree.

  • heat-treatment department allows to carry out the following heat and chemical-heat treatment:

    • bulk hardening of tooth gears up to 269…302 HB; gear diameter is up to 1800 mm;
    • tooth HF current surface hardening up to 42…55 HRC; tooth gear diameter is up to 1400 mm;
    • tooth cementation with subsequent hardening up to 54…62 HRC; tooth gear diameter is up to 1200 mm.

Toolmaking facilities

Toolmaking facilities are intended for production of different standardized and special-purpose cutting tools, dies, moulds and machining attachments necessary for manufacture of machines and mechanisms produced by the works.

All equipment manufactured by "EZTM" JSC is subjected to check assembly and trial running prior to shipping.