JSC EZTM is one of the largest enterprises of Russian heavy industry since 1942. The company specializes in production of metallurgical equipment.

Today JSC eztm is a modern enterprise which designs, produces and supplies complex equipment for tube rolling and tube welding plants, equipment for tube finishing and coating, cold rolling tube mills, small section, medium section and wire mills, part and ball rolling mills and other special mills, oil film bearings, steel rolls for cold and hot rolling mills and spare part for the manufactured equipment.

Equipment produced by JSC EZTM is unique. Practically every machine, mil or the whole plant is made (designed and produced) according to individual customers' specifications and drawings. Due to long-term work in this field, the enterprise has gained great experience and has its own school of production of tube equipment.

More than 70 % of tubes for chemical, oil and gas industry, heat power industry, civil engineering and other Russian and CIS industries are manufactured on mills made by EZTM. Our products are of high quality and meet the requirements of the current standards. Technical level and construction originality are protected by certificates and patents (2372 Russian certificates and patents protect equipment produced by JSC EZTM).

JSC EZTM has a complete cycle of production – metallurgical, welding, mechanical-assembling and auxiliary. There are design and technological departments, the research complex and the experimental base in the structure of the enterprise.

EZTM has delivered hundreds of machines and plants which are operating at metallurgical works of Russia, enterprises of CIS and in 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. There are enterprises from Germany, India, Japan and USA among our customers. Both unique product mix and convenient work, individual approach, efficient problem solving is very attractive for our customers. That's why the enterprise has been collaborating with many companies for years.