EZTM boasts a complete production cycle – the company designs, produces and supplies customized equipment to pipe-rolling and welding mills, to pipe finishing and coating facilities, cold-rolling, billet-rolling, wire-rolling mills, ball-rolling and other specialty mills. Amongst other products in the company’s diverse portfolio are fluid bearings, steel rolls for cold and hot-rolling mills, spare parts etc.

Almost all the machines, mills and rolling facilities that the company makes are tailor-designed and produced in accordance with individual sketches of the customers. It would be little overestimation to call the equipment produced by the company unique.

Thanks to tremendous in-house research and development efforts the company has accumulated an extensive experience in development and production of pipe equipment.

The mills marked with EZTM brand produce 70% of Russia’s and CIS’ pipes for chemical, oil & gas, power generation, construction, aerospace and other industries. The products of the company can rival the best international peers in terms of their quality. The technical innovations and originality of the design are protected by patents both in Russia and in industrialized countries (2361 Russian author certificates and patents and 183 international patents protect the intellectual property of the company in 12 countries of the world). The equipment under EZTM brand is supplied to 40 countries of the world.