EZTM offers its customers a complete set of services from design to delivery of the equipment and spare parts; it also provides the contract supervision and service, modernization of the equipment delivered earlier.

Experienced designers, technologists, researchers and the skilled production staff create machines and the equipment which satisfy the requirements of the up-to-date standards.

It’s including

  • consulting and support during customers needs' determinations;
  • project development with possible alternatives;
  • project execution with equipment delivery; supervision and putting in operation;
  • delivery software;
  • customer's staff training;
  • transferring know-how connected with product and technology;
  • servicing after putting in operation.

Working with Customer EZTM JSC offers:

Equipment capacious configurations:

Individual tasks need individual decisions. Necessary for this analysis and working out of new ideas is integral constituent during cooperation with EZTM JSC. EZTM JSC labors take part in international seminars for experience exchange, in international exhibitions. New ideas and technical decisions find implementation in our equipment. Also we constantly polish up equipment offered by us, making it economically efficient. As a result we offer to our customers such equipment configuration  where all machines ant units are ideally coordinated with each other- in technical and economical ways.

Documentation and teaching:

  Precise and qualitative documentation and personnel training give information to Customers about working principles and technologies. Discussion and coordination of all decisions during design and production of equipment let consider all requirements and satisfy customers.

Start to work and supervision:

Before dispatch of equipment, EZTM JSC specialists test the equipment , check its working possibilities in plant shops. Next stage-is dispatch of equipment and its supervision.

After sale service.

EZTM JSC have responsibility to keep up life cycle of equipment produced. On customer wish we find decisions in time to use original and appropriate spare parts, modernize before supplied equipment.