Зарудный В.С.

Zarudny Vladimir Semenovich,

General director, "EZTM" JSC

Dear Sirs,

I am sincerely happy to interest paid to EZTM JSC production-one of the largest company of Russian Federation in production of 1st class hot blast furnace equipment (rolling and blast furnace equipment), ore mining equipment, oil film bearings, equipment for cement industry and other types of equipment.

The Plant was founded in Moscow region in 1942. Since that date company supplied hundreds mills and machines which are used all over the Russia at all metallurgical plants, republics of former USSR. Some of machines have not world analog.

The wide range of foreign supplies we posses- more than 40 countries all over the world. Among our customers are Germany, India, Japan and others.

EZTM JSC has full finished production cycle (metallurgical, welding, mechanical assembly and additional), multiplied by vigorous arsenal of technical devices and high intellectual potential. Skillful analysts, designers, technologists and qualified personnel produce mills and equipment corresponding strict requirements of contemporary standards.

EZTM JSC offers full pack of services to its Customers-from projecting to supply of equipment and spares, provides supervision, service, revamping of before supplied equipment.

Choosing EZTM JSC production you will gain:

-original construction and correspondence of contemporary tendencies of technique evolution;

-high reliability;

-economy in maintenance and work;

- cost to quality correspondence;

-observance of terms of supply.

EZTM JSC- its quality guarantee, reliability and long life of supplied equipment. We are open hearted and ready for cooperation with You.