On 01.01.2011 plants, mills, machines and units of equipment, produced at “EZTM” JSC, were protected with 2379 author's certificates, patents for invention and useful model patents.

In 2010 “EZTM” JSC has received 18 patents for invention on the earlier request.

The most effective solutions are 6 patents on the mill CRTM 350-8 produced for Chinese company “TISCO” and patented in China, 4 patents on the tube rolling plant TRP 270 produced for “Vyksa Metallurgical Plant” JSC, a patent on a tube-welding stand for the tube electric welding plant TEWP 20-76 produced for “Vyksa Metallurgical Plant” JSC and patent on a cone decoiler for TEWP 168-530 for “Seversk Tube Plant” JSC.

-  Cold rolling tube mill (CRTM), patent for invention №2397033

Inventors: Penkov N.S., Esakov A.V., Zarudny V.S., Popov P.A.

The offered cold tube rolling mill design will allow to widen the technical capabilities through range expension of rolled tubes with a simultineous enhancement of quality of the finished tubes at the expense of a minimal difference in effective diameters of a roll stand and tool calibration.

-  Mill back platen, patent for invention № 2392075

Inventors: Mintahanov M.A., Zarudny V.S., Nikitina N.V., Fominyh E.N

The offered back platen makes it possible to change cores between the gates, to decrease essentially the time of secondary operations by combining a number movements of a cores replacement mechanism and increasing of their speed as well as covering their process life.

Rigid flange coupling, patent for useful model №93906

Inventors: Lunev V.N., Samohin B.I., Mintahanov M.A.

Due to the offered solution reliability and endurance of coupling is improved by contracting thrust efforts between half-couplings, the productivity is increased through cutting flange splitting time and the content labour to produce is decreased.

-  Tube-welding stand, patent for invention №2392076

Inventors: Baranov V.N., Volkov V.M., Peyganovich V.N.

Due to the offered tube-welding stand implementation the quality of longitudinal seams of welded tubes is increased. It is reached by eliminating of roll chucks rotation and executing of the welding pressure regulation unit in the form of tough beam. The beam functions as a protective device in case of arising of intolerable welding pressure value and requires somewhat expenses in producing. This allowes to retain a single-planarity of rolls at the time of welding.

-  Cone decoiler, patent for useful model №100002

Inventors: Volkov V.M., Barabanov V.I., Fedorov S.A., Shchetinin A.E., Mashechkov V.V., Bronfen I.I., Semenova A.V., Krasnoyarova E.L.

The offered cone decoiler allows to improve reliability of work on precise centering of wide heavy-weight large diameter coils alone the mill axis as well as to decrease the dimensions of device, production and operation expenses as well. Besides, such design implementation of the cone decoiler allows to simplify the decoiler construction by replacing of cylinders. It clamps the coil and shifts slides with the coil clamped in cones to the cylinder with a large piston diameter, providing not only the coil clamping but also slides moving. In this case it retains its function of precise centering of a coil strip alone the mill axis.  

Besides, our enterprise has received 17 decisions of patents for inventions and useful models on the earlier request.