The main aim of EZTM JSC is to transform into dynamic, modern and competitive enterprise. The works actively integrates into worldwide production of modern metallurgical, tube, mining and other equipment which meets all world standards.

We think that our volume of production will be significantly increased. It's connected to the following facts:

-        upgrading of our equipment delivered earlier and equipment produced by other firms;

-        development of new type of machines for ferrous and non-ferrous industry especially for tube rolling one;

-        production of changeable and quick-changeable equipment for rolling and metallurgical shops, hot and cold rolls, medium and heavy steel castings, oil film bearings, custom-made gears and equipment for oil and gas, crushing and cement industries.

During the next decade EZTM JSC is planning to carry out modernization of utilities and metallurgical and mechanical assembly production taking all modern environmental requirements into account. It is necessary to integrate a unified informational system and to improve research and development complex in order to design and produce traditional metallurgical, tube and mining as well as other high technology equipment which meets ISO 9001 standards and customer requirements in all respects.

The modernization program is aimed at quality improvement. The quality policy of the works is focused on customization based on control over quality, reliability and fair price of our products.

The modernization program includes creation of new sites, purchase of new machinery for mechanical assembly production and main laboratory, updating of heating furnaces used in preparation production, purchase of new machinery for heat treatment.

Along with modernization we are planning to increase volume of our traditional product range (blast furnace, rolling, mining equipment and its spare parts, hot and cold rolls) and to assimilate new types of equipment (for cement and oil and gas industries in particular).

To realize the above mentioned plan different measures connected with quality increase are taken. Besides different works focused on new markets penetration are carried out.