Granulation lines of composite thermoplasts

Grained plastic line is designed to obtain grains of composite materials at basis of different polymer materials in which necessary additions are included to obtain needed characteristics (hardness, durability, painting).

Mixing process with controlled temperature is in extruder, and in its exit materials are pushed away as strands (3-7 mm.) and if necessary as band, than it is cooled down-passing cooling water bath, And goes to granulator (breaker), where its cut to pieces 3-10 mm in length (depending on task) Band can be rolled in coil.

Benefits of EZTM JSC grained plastic line:

  1. Original design of drive redactor of screw shafts, that increases reliability and long life of machine work (it is patented).
  2. Air cool system and maintenance of given temperature in every section of extruder-easy and effective in maintenance.
  3. High durability of screw shafts, transmitting high torque.

Working units are made from wear-resistant steel with hardness index no less 56 HRC.

Bores are made by tongue-and-groove profile and by key profile.


Output, kg/hr

до 400

Outer diameter of worms, mm


Ratio of worms working length  to outer diameter


Direction of worms rotation


Size of obtained granules in longitudinal and cross derections, mm


Number of finished product fractions, pcs


Electric motor of a main drive

N= 150 kW

Overall dimensions, L.x W.x H., mm

14900 Х 5700 Х 2300

Mass, kg


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