Apron feeders

"EZTM" JSC has manufactured and supplied modern high efficient apron feeders and its respective spare parts since 1945.

Our apron feeders operate successfully at all Russian mining plants as well as in CIS countries, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cube, Bulgaria, Egypt etc.

"EZTM" JSC is able to offer customers a comprehensive spectrum of professional services, individual approach and efficient problems solutions. That is why the works has been collaborating with many customers for years.

"EZTM" JSC manufactures a broad line of apron feeders intended for transportation of ore, coal, rocks and other materials with lamp size up to 1200 mm. This is a conveyer with a belt made from metal sections with width up to 2400 mm, length up to 18 m and output up to 1700 m3/h.

Apron feeders are intended for uniform delivery of loose material with bulk weight up to 2500 kg/m3 and subdivided into two groups:

  • I type: heavy feeders are intended for transportation of materials with lamp size up to 1200 mm;

  • II type: medium feeders are intended for transportation of materials with lamp size up to 500 mm.

Technical characteristics

Standard size

1 - 15

1 - 18

1 - 24



2 - 18

2 - 24

Belt width, mm








Belt straight section length, m

4.5 - 15

6 - 18

9 - 18

3 - 12

4,5 - 18

Belt speed, m/sec.

0.03 - 0.086

0,1 - 0,3


0,06 - 0,17

Carrying capacity, m3/h





270 - 800



Lump size, mm

0 - 800

0 - 1000

0 - 1200

0 - 500

0 - 500

Route slope, deg.

0 - 20

0 - 15

0 - 15

I type feeders are installed in scalping screens or in primary crushers. A feeder belt being a hopper moving bed is able to take not only dead loads but also dynamic ones related to falling of lumps of rock with weight from 3 up to 6 ton providing that there is a layer of rock material with height up to 1-1,5 m on the feeder belt.

II type feeders are intended for delivery of rough, abrasive, hot materials and installed next to primary crushers and in discharge units of car tippers.

The feeder drive allows continuous workflow, with four types of remote-controlled and automated drive arrangements.

New design features connected with gained experience and customer’s requirements, quality control at all production stages, production efficiency increase due to improving of technological processes allow "EZTM" JSC to occupy an undiminished place at the consumer market of mining-preparation equipment.

At customer’s requirement it is possible to produce apron feeders having different length and speed of belt movement.

Feeder delivery term is 4-5 month, its spare parts – 3-4 month from advancing of a signed contract.

Apron feeders are regularly delivered to Russian and CIS enterprises and for export.

"EZTM" JSC delivered 160 different apron feeders to Russian and CIS enterprises from 1995 till 2004.

The company's managers are always glad to answer your questions, perfrom a calculation of the service costs and prepare an individual commercial offer.