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EZTM JSC is one of the largest Russian suppliers of production facilities for blast furnace process.

We supply machinery and devices for blast-furnace top arrangement and heating and blast-supply systems (chain probes and plug, equalizing, atmospheric, gas throttle, air-outlet, shut-off cold-blast, cut-off, chimney, bypass, throttle cold-blast and other valves) of all standard sizes according to market demand.

Nowadays EZTM JSC manufactures hot-blast valves 900mm, 1100mm, 1300mm and 2000mm in diameter. The valves are intended for operation under water or evaporation cooling and equipped with different drives (electromechanical or hydraulic). Our valves are continuously upgraded, their operating life is increased and heat losses in a valve are reduced.

Due to an energy efficiency technology developed for blast furnace process and allowing to use the heat of flue gases for preheating of air and gas used for stove heat there was a necessity for more efficient gas throttle valves operated under high temperatures (up to 250°C). Such valves traditionally operate under 70°C. The task has been accomplished successfully by our specialists who have designed unique gas throttle valves 1100mm and 1300mm in diameter which can operate under high temperatures.

Thus EZTM JSC – ahead of all its rivals - has got an opportunity to take part in adaptation of the modern energy efficiency technology at Russian and Ukraine metallurgical plants.

EZTM-made production facilities for blast furnace process are characterized by high reliability and in great demand in the blast furnace market.