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Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works (EZTM JSC) is an experienced producer of metallurgical (rolling and blast furnace), mining (mineral-processing) equipment, gear couplings, forgings, iron and steel castings and metal works. High-qualified scientific and engineering staff of EZTM JSC is able to manufacture any non-standard equipment from Customer's drawings.

EZTM JSC manufactures:

heavy-duty apron feeders (all models):
jaw crushers:
jaw crushers ЩДП 9x12 (SMD-111, 111A, 111Б), output – 180 m3/h;
jaw crushers ЩДП 12x15 (SMD-118, 118A, 118Б), output – 310 m3/h;
jaw crushers ЩДП 15x21 (SMD-117, 117Б), output – 600 m3/h;
jaw crushers ДЩ 12x15 СМ, output – 180 m3/h;
unbalanced-throw screens;
primary rotary crushers;
gear boxes for the a.m. equipment, gear boxes for drum mills and cement rotary kilns of different diameters, power up to 1600 kW and over;
bands, blocks and roller carriages for cement rotary kilns;
internal gearings, couplings and s for mills;
different spare parts and units of excavating machines ЭКГ and ЭШ;
spare parts and units of milling equipment for different mills ММС, ММПС, МРГ, МШ, МШР, МСЦ, МШЦ including breaking plates with jaws, mainshafts with pulleys and flywheels, frictions couplings; springs;
different load-handling devices;
skips and scrapers of different volume capacity;
non-standard equipment from Customer's drawings including preparation of design documentation.