The plant “Antillana de Acero named Jose Marti” modernization.

The plant “Antillana de Acero named Jose Marti” modernization. 13.05.2019

The plant “Antillana de Acero named Jose Marti” modernization.

 Since 2013 JSC “EZTM” actively participates in the discussion, correspondence and meetings led by the state agencies of Russian Federation and the Republic of Cuba dedicated to the modernization of the plant “Antillana de Acero named Jose Marti” which is situated in Havana.

Currently JSC “EZTM” has signed and prepaid contracts with the main subcontractor LLC “Industrial Engineering” Russia, that had ordered from EZTM a new section mill 250 and new mill heat-treating furnace 250 as a part of two-step complex modernization of the metallurgic plant in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement dated 22.10.2015. That gives JSC “EZTM” full production load until 2020. Russian and Cuban specialists will have an opportunity to see the equipment production process and ready-made equipment in the JSC “EZTM” shops at the IV quarter of 2019.

The JSC “EZTM” engineer department is preparing the design documentation already, what allows to send the documents for production immediately.

The modernization aim is to get the plant annual production capacity up to 250 000 tons. To achieve this aim the following will be done: manufacturing of new heat-treating furnace with production efficiency 40 tons per hour, the rolling mill modification and new fully working rolling section installation, so the Cuban part will have modern, high-productive manufacturing in accordance with today technological level.

That is going to be the first full-scale metallurgic project in Cuban economics for the last 20 years.

New 40-tons heavy heat-treating furnace.

New heat-treating furnace guarantees higher productivity comparing with the current one, it also provides the capability to further develop the rolling mill section with the aim to increase its production effectiveness.

New heat-treating furnace with the production capacity 40 tons per hour is provided with the latest technological achievements, developed during the many years of experienced researches. It is aimed at maximum quality and proportional bars heating process alongside the low fuel consumption to minimize the ready-made goods price. That allows the Buyer to have the competitive advantage on the market.

All preheating, heating up and holding processes are always under constant sensor control. They send all necessary information to the furnace automatics to keep all important values at the level. The air flows mix is under constant automatics control to minimize corrosion and provide the safe usage. The descaling system is installed at the delivery side of the heat-treating furnace to delete the scale out of the furnace.

New continuous rough stands group with cartridges.

New rolling stands GAG series are without frames. Currently this stand type is chosen from the various technological solutions by the most long products manufacturers all over the world. It is well known that the main advantages of these stands are: easy exchange and maintenance, changeability between horizontal and vertical configurations, easy adjustment and the construction stiffness, those guarantee great quality of the finished products.

The GAC series was designed to comply with following purposes:

- High construction stiffness makes it possible to roll the steels with low/medium/high carbon content, and also alloy and special steels.

- Possible to roll circular and rectangular cross-section bars using one stand type.

- Multistrand rolling is possible.

- Compact and reliable construction;

- The stand components optimization to reduce the spares cost.

- The stand components quality;

Having all the components of the high quality, we choose the material grade to achieve the best usage results and durability. The GAC stands will be made at the EZTM shops.

During the stands essential parts manufacturing the following rules are followed:

- Chocks and racks: steel casting, heat-treated to the hardness 160-175 HB.

- Stand closing screw to regulate the clearance between the rolls is made of heat-treated steel and set loose to guarantee perfect sliding and exclude materials corossion.


New cooling bed.

To increase bars quality their delivery is made with new unloading system, which excludes any edges twists and flections.
New plates hold the bars straightly during the first critical cooling phase.

Cold shears.

New cold shears make it possible to increase the production rate and achieve better quality during the bars edges cutting.
New cold shears generation has the construction with bolt coupling. The base and the upper part of the machine are stiffly connected with the help of four pre-stressed bolt couplings to guarantee stiffness and hardness of the shears construction during the cutting.

Banding system.

Fully automated banding system with the automatic bars counting system telecamera, hydraulic separation system that guarantees the precise bars number in every bundle.
The automatic bundle forming system guarantees the bundle quality without bars twists and uneveness.


Total time available

7200 h/year

Targeted annual new rolling mill
production rate

250.000 tons per year

New rolling mill production per hour

40 tons per hour

Production type


New production range

3/8” - 1/2” - 5/8” - 3/4” - 1” 1 – 1/4” 1-3/8”


Medium- and low-carbon steel



Square cast bar

New bars dimensions

130 x 130 x 6400
140 x 140 x 6400


Medium- and low-carbon steel

Net weight

827 – 960 kg 

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