Rotary cement kilns

Nowadays engineering capabilities of "EZTM" JSC allow to manufacture equipment intended for production of cement by "wet" and "dry" processes.

"EZTM" JSC manufactured and delivered equipment of the third processing line for cement production to "Krichevcementnoshifer" PRUP, Belarus in 2007.

The kiln reached its capacity of 61 t/hour in Q1 2007 and then that parameter was increased up to 65 t/hour at the end of Q2 2007. Commissioning of the third clinker burning kiln at "Krichevcementnoshifer" PRUP, Belarus, allowed to increase cement production by 50%.

The equipment consists of an eight support rotary kiln and a grate cooler "Volga 75"

Technical characteristics of the cement production line: 

  • the kiln shell with diameter of 4,5 x5 x 170 m is supported by 8 supporting blocks and 8 tyres (6 floating tyres and 2 welded tyres installed on blocks 7 and 8);

  • the kiln is driven by a 3-stage gear unit with a 630 kW direct current motor;

  • dust can be returned to the cold end behind chains and to the hot end of the kiln;

  • the kiln is equipped with a combined burner FCT/GT/NG-120 (Australia);

  • kiln and cooler control is fully automated;

  • fuel consumption is 270 kg of standard fuel per one ton of clinker under sludge humidity of 43,6% and spreadability of 50 mm;

  • the grate cooler cools clinker up to 50°-60°C with thermal efficiency of 70%;

  • dust from the kiln and the cooler is collected by electrical precipitators. Emission is less than 48 mg/1m3 under 50 mg/m3 of MPC.

 Total volume of the supply amounts to more than 2800 ton.

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