Mill drive gearboxes

"EZTM" JSC designs and manufactures ЦЗ-1800 and ЦЗ-1600 gearboxes intended for replacement of existing ZМ-1600 and 40А7 gearboxes installed in mills with diameter of 3x14 m.

Technical characteristics



Installation site

mill Ø 3x14

mill Ø 3x14

Output shaft torque, kNm,



Nominal gear ratio



High speed shaft rotation, rpm



Dimensions, L*В*Н, mm



Weight, t



 Differential characteristics:
  1. Compared with similar units gearing parameters and gear ratio of the gearboxes are improved in order to provide their uniform strength. Their modules are slightly increased: 10, 15, 18 are changed to 12, 20, 25 for ЦЗ-1800 and to 12, 16, 20 for ЦЗ-1600.

  2. All shafts are mounted in rolling bearings which design life is in excess of 85 000 hours. The substitution of rolling bearings for plain bearings leads to reduction in power consumption and improvement in efficiency. In order to prevent housing bores wear all bearings are mounted in bodies made of 45 steel hardenable by heat treatment. It allows to significantly increase intermaintenance period by improving reliability of parts wearing while in service.

  3. Improved design allows to increase transmitted torque from 86 tm to 120 tm.

  4. Transmitted torque of ЦЗ-1600 gearbox is equal to its analogue ZM-1600. Improved design allows to reduce its dimensions and weight. Base bolts and the base itself shall be specified by Customer.

  5. Assembly of the gearbox output shafts is available both in right-hand and left-hand version.

  6. The gearboxes are equipped with an oil lubrication system supplied in combination with the gearbox as a separate unit.

Mounting dimensions of ЦЗ-1800 are equal to dimensions of ZM-1600.

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