Specializing in production of equipment for metals industry Joint Stock Company “Elektrostal Heavy Machine-Building Plant” (Russian acronym - EZTM) is one of the Russian largest makers of heavy machinery.

Ball-rolling mills by EZTM find a strong demand in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Today EZTM offers mills capable of producing balls with a diameter of 25_125 mm. The company provides services on the upgrade of the old versions of the mills.

Recently EZTM has supplied “Timken”– a famous American firm, with state-of-art equipment designed for rolling of bearing rings. The supplied hardware allows to save up to 20% of the metal used and has the performance that is 10 times as high as that of universal horizontal-forging machines.

The May of 2005 saw the commissioning of the facility designed to produce electrically-welded pipes with a diameter of 1420 mm. This sort of pipes has never been produced in Russia before. The new facility was fitted out with the equipment supplied by German SMS-Meer and Russian EZTM.

The company has recently supplied one of its Indian clients with KHPT 60_ 160 cold-rolling pipe mill. Cold-rolling pipe mills by EZTM are well known all over the world. The main advantage of the new mill is its capability to roll not only round but also square and hexagon pipes.

Amongst other things EZTM offers its clients equipment for ring and shaft hearth furnaces, forging manipulators with a loading capacity ranging from 1 to 80 tons, plate feeders for transportation of different materials.

Many industry experts agree that the further development of non-ferrous metals sector is largely dependent on the improvement of metal production from blast furnaces. At the same time the enhancement of the performance of the furnaces is expected to be made mainly through the intensification of the blast process.

Apart from production of traditional hot-blast valves with the diameters of 900, 1100, 1300 and 2000 mm over the last 10 years EZTM has mastered the output of a wide range of equipment for heating systems as well as for systems that supply blow to the blast furnace. This includes automatic gas choke valves with diameters of 1100 and 130 mm, smoke valves (diameter – 1100 and 1300 mm), atmospheric valves (diameter _ 250, 400 and 800 mm), leveling valves (diameter – 300 and 450 mm) etc.

EZTM not only designs and produces equipment but also conducts installation works at the customer’s site, trains customer employees and supplies spare parts.