Roller spindles

Roller spindles construction has several new features providing higher load capacity and long life in comparison with gear spindles and sliding leaf.
It is obtained due to following features:

use of force transmitting units, designed in shape of barrel rollers, installed between bush and spindle joint ring in its semi cylinder grooves.
equal loads distribution at rollers independently from ring azimuth error relatively to bush.
spindle joint centers positioning (central section of roller belt) in blade zone of rolling and gear rolls.
exclude of formation of dummy joint in blade joining of rolling roll with bush and another positive factor, invented know-how.
joint is equipped with waterproof centering device , providing lubrication reliable keeping.

Technical Characteristics:

Outer diameter D, mm…210-670

Nominal torque, kilo Newton meter …10-1200

Rotation frequency n, turns per minute…2000-400

Max. angle of bush warp in ring , *…..6

Distance between joint, A, mm…500-6000

Holes in pin bore diameter d, mm, no more…100-380.

Spindles are especially effective when using in roll drive of high speed continuous section and broad-strip mills of hot and cold rolling.

All spindles not included in standard range, can be produced with parameters necessary to Customer.

The company's managers are always glad to answer your questions, perfrom a calculation of the service costs and prepare an individual commercial offer.