Ring rolling mill

Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works - The EZTM Joint Stock Company is a designer and a supplier of specialized ring-rolling plants intended for mass production of billets for bearing rings and cylindrical parts of shaped and simple cross section.

Today the rolling of ring billets is one of perspective trends in development of the low-wasted and no-wasted technology. It allows:

·          to use metal rationally at the expense of maximum approaching of geometrical dimensions of the produced billet to the finished product;

·          to decrease labour expenditures by the subsequent  mechanical machining ;

·          to increase the service properties of rings.

The plant includes: a heating device for billets, a piercing mill, a three-high screw-rolling mill (forming mill), a cooler.

The ring-rolling plant has  the output 10-12 times as high than the output of horizontal-forging machines  and it provides the metal economy up to 25%.

The rolling process is mechanized and automated completely.


Initial billet type hot-rolled rod

Hot-rolled rod

Initial billet dimensions

diameter, mm

length, mm

60 … 120

900 … 1800

Ring billet dimensions, mm

outer diameter

inner diameter

ring length

allowance for outer diameter

tolerance for outer diameter  

allowance for inner diameter

tolerance for inner diameter

allowance for thickness

tolerance for thickness e

49 … 112

37 … 80

20 … 80

0,8 … 1,1




0,7 … 1,0

+ 0,35 … 0,5

Plant output, pc/h


The technological process of rolling has been designed by  The VNIIMETMASH Stock Holding Company.

The company's managers are always glad to answer your questions, perfrom a calculation of the service costs and prepare an individual commercial offer.


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