Continuous tube electric welding plant for production of tubes 102-220 mm od TEWP-102-220

Tube electric welding plant TEWP-102-220 is intended for production of electric welded oil and gas-supply pipes 102-220 mm OD

TEWP-102-220 consists of the following equipment:

1. Strip preparation line:

Magnet-type uncoiler is intended for feeding of coils into uncoiler, striping its front end and threading it into pulling rolls.

Plate flattening machine is intended for flatting of uncoiled plate.

Butt welding machine is intended for butt welding of a previous coil bottom end with a front end of the following one.

Welding methods are electric resistance, fusion or shielded gas arc welding.

Strip receiver is intended for storing of strip during coils butt welding.

Strip receiver is spiral with horizontal table.

2. Tube forming and welding line:

Forming mill is intended for forming of a strip into a round billet. The mill consists of horizontal drive stands and vertical non-drive stands.

Tube welder is intended for tubes induction welding. The welder is 2-high one. Flash formed during the welding process is broken by deseaming machine.

Seam cooling machine is intended for cooling of seams with air-and-water mixture.

Sizing mill is intended for tube final sizing. The mill consists of horizontal drive stands and vertical non-drive stands.

Tube cutting flying machine is intended for cutting to length of continuous and moving tube.

3. Tube finishing line:

Tube straightener with cross rolls is intended for tube straightening.

Tube butting saw is intended for machining of tube ends for future welding.

Hydraulic press is intended for tube hydraulic testing.

Electric drive and automation

Hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical drives are used. It is possible to use both dc and ca electromechanical drives.

Electric drives maintaining constant speeds or positions are equipped with pulse rotary velocity transducers (encoders).

Encoders are used as digital speed transducers.

To fix mechanisms and tubes position it is possible to use non-contact inductive optical magnetostrictive transducers.

TEWP control system combined with electric drives comprises automatic process control system.

Technical data

Tube outer diameter, mm


Wall thickness, mm


Length, m


Welding speed, m/min


High-frequency generator capacity, kW


Current frequency, khz


Total electric drives capacity, kW


Output, ths.t/y


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