Cold rolling tube mill 60-160

New universal cold pilger mill 60-160 is intended for production of extremely thin walled tubes of cylindrical, hexagonal or square section from high strength hardly deformed materials such as stainless and heatproof steels, titanium, zirconium and their alloys.

High technological mobility is achieved by the use of the following technological rolling schemes:

  • rolling with double feed and double turn;
  • rolling at forward stroke of the working stand;
  •  rolling with feed and turn in the extreme back position of the working stand only.

To extend technological possibilities of the mill it is possible to equip it with the following interchangeable working stands:

  • 3-high stand with ring passes having variable groove section is intended for production of high precision cylindrical tubes;
  • 3-high stand is intended for production of hexagonal tubes
  •  4-high stand is intended for production of square tubes.
The mill consists of the following equipment:

1. Equipment of a working stand with a drive

Equipment of a working stand with a drive is a complex of mechanisms performing basic operations of the tube production process:

  • three-roller working stand;
  • four-roller working stand;
  • working stand displacement drive;
  •  housing;
  •  lever system;
  • intermediate vice;
  •  inlet vice;
  • protection devices;
  • devices for rolling lubricant feed and collection.

2.      Feed section equipment

Feed section equipment is a complex of mechanisms acting on a billet and a bar with a mandrel intended for converting of continuous rotation of feed and turn actuators into the impulse one:

  •  inlet vice with guides;
  • mandrel bar fixing mechanism;
  •  lubrication feeding device.

3.      Loading table

Loading table is a complex of mechanisms providing receiving, layout of billets and their loading:

  • sloping skid;
  • feed control device;
  • receiving roll table.

4.      Finished tubes receiving table

  • dead roller table;
  • ejector;
  • sloping skid.

5.      Hydrosystem

  • a reservoir with two pumping units;
  • separator gas accumulator;
  • control valve panels.

6.      Lubrication system

7.      Electrical facilities

technical data

Shell diameter, mm


Finished tube diameter, mm

round 50-155      hexagon ≤ 145         square ≤ 125

Finished tube wall thickness, mm

1,0(0,6) - 8 (6)*

Working rolls travel, mm, up to


Working stand stroke number, up to   


Feed per cycle, mm


Electric drives power, kW, up to


* When rolling in the roller stand

New design of basic mechanisms combined with new technology provides an opportunity for production of high precision extremely thin walled tubes from hardly deformed materials for different branches of power and mechanical engineering, chemical production.

We supply cold pilger mills with movable working stands intended for production of tubes from 4 to 450 mm OD from different materials.

When ordering the equipment please specify the following:

  • material and dimensions of a billet;
  • finished tube dimensions;
  • billet dimensional accuracy and required accuracy of a finished tube;
  • required capacity.

The company's managers are always glad to answer your questions, perfrom a calculation of the service costs and prepare an individual commercial offer.


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