Cold-rolling tube mill CRTM 380-8

EZTM, JSC has designed a unique cold rolling tube mill of pilger type, CRTM 380 which is intended for production of seamless cold-rolled tubes from carbon, alloy and stainless steel grades.

Tubes rolled at the mill have precision sizes of the wall thickness, outer and inner diameter, high quality of the outer and inner surfaces. Such tubes are used in space and aircraft engineering, oil and chemical engineering, ship-building and other industries.

The design decisions applied to the mill CRTM-380 are patented.

  • For the first time, the mill for the billet of such a size is performed with end loading scheme which allows the recharging without extracting of the mandrel from deformation zone. That increases the accuracy of the finished tubes and allows using mandrels with small taper.

  • For the first time, the mill for the billet of such a size is performed without transmissions but using of servo drives for feed and turn mechanisms. That significantly increases its technological capabilities.

  • The designed arrangement of working stand unit and the drive device eliminates getting of high-efficiency cooling lubricant based on mineral oils  and used for cooling of the deformation zone to the foundations, as well as mixing with lubricant used in the drive mechanism.
  • The new design of three-high rolling stand, unique in its parameters of hardness and rolling force, ensures getting high-precision tubes in accordance with outer diameter.

  • The accepted scheme of the drive mechanism using lever drive provides the possibility not only to adjust the optimal rolling radius of the die for a rolling route but also to perform it to be variable along the deformation zone. That decreases axis rolling force, increases durability of the tool and allows applying servo drives for feeding devices

  • Due to the accepted solutions the specific quantity of metal of the equipment is significantly decreased  when providing its higher technical characteristics.

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